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Recipe: Fermented Mustard

Homemade Fermented Mustard is spicy and packs a bite thanks to a mix of yellow and brown mustard seeds, hot sauce brine, and a few other key ingredients. Hot sauce brine adds acidity and jump starts lacto-fermentation. This homemade fermented mustard recipe is the ideal companion to other fermented condiments (like our fermented ketchup).

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Recipe: Fermented Cherries

Fermented cherries are salty, tangy and super savory: kind of like the love child of a maraschino cherry and an olive. Which is probably why one of our favorite uses is plunked into a cocktail. If you’re looking for something sweet: make pie. But if you want to take a walk on the savory side these fermented cherries are excellent on a cheese board, as a tangy pizza topping (think white pies) and as a fun twist on a cocktail garnish.

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How to Make Yogurt

Making yogurt at home is shockingly easy, requires just two ingredients and equipment that you likely already have in your kitchen. And the results are unbelievably delicious. It’s often creamier than store-bought, and it’s the exact consistency you like it to be because you control the process.

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