Worm Farm Composter

Worm Farm Composter


We'll be honest. We were totally creeped out at the thought of using a bin full of worms to compost, especially inside. But the more we read up on vermicomposting, the more into it we were: It takes up very little space. It requires hardly any effort. It doesn't require outdoor access. Plus it cuts down dramatically on the amount of food waste in your regular garbage bin. Which makes it ideal for apartments, workplaces and classrooms. We end up taking out our trash half as often as we used to thanks to our worm bin.

When deciding to get one ourselves, we put it to a vote in our office and decided that all our coffee grounds, tea bags, and food scraps would  go to the worms. And more than a year into vermicomposting, we're totally hooked. We think you'll be hooked too. 

This worm bin is our absolute favorite. Sleek and modern looking (it comes in gray or green), you forget there's a bunch of worms turning food scraps into nutrient-rich soil for your flower pots and planters. Simply line the tray with edible leftovers (and shredded paper for bedding), add your red wiggler worms (not included) and let them chomp away. These crawlers effortlessly and organically churn the savory debris into beautiful compost your plants will love.

Easy-to-use, odor-free and winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, the Urbalive Worm Farm is the hassle-free, stylish way to be a food waste warrior and guerilla gardener. 

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