Seed Bombs

Seed Bombs


Seed bombs are the purest form of guerrilla gardening. A bouquet of future flowers encased in mixed soil. Originating in Japan as a method of natural farming, they’re a fantastic way to introduce something beautiful into otherwise unused dirt. Results are more predictable if you can place and tend to them, but our seed bombs use wildflower seeds, so they’ll grow anywhere. Put them in a spare pot for your next centerpiece, or lob them over a chain-link fence into an empty lot (with permission, of course). No matter where they go, seed bombs make the world a little nicer with nothing more than light and water.


Place seed bombs in soil, 2" apart and 2" below the surface. Keep the soil consistently moist (if you can). You should see sprouts pop up within the first week.


Contains annual & perennial seeds native to North America including spurred snapdragon, white yarrow, sweet alyssum, Shirley poppy, Mexican torch hat and nodding catchfly. Annuals will bloom only once. Perennials will bloom yearly starting the following year.

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Make the world a little nicer with little more than light & water.