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Recipe: Hibiscus Kombucha

When we started making kombucha we followed the rules: black tea, sugar, starter, SCOBY and nothing else until after fermentation. But as our SCOBY replicated, cloning itself every batch, we got a little less precious with it. What was the harm of pulling off one layer and trying something new?

So we started experimenting: different teas, different sugars, no tea at all. And the results were delicious.

Hibiscus Kombucha is a delight. It’s hot pink (and turns the SCOBY pink too!) tart, floral, fruity and totally delicious. It’s different than any kombucha you’ve had (or made) - because we make it with 100% hibiscus instead of tea during fermentation.

We strongly recommend keeping your regular kombucha going along side it (it would stress the culture to change up its food source every week). But if you have SCOBYs to spare - peel off a layer and make this tangy, hot pink kombucha your next batch.

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Kathleen - May 14, 2024

I have not made kombucha before so I don’t know if by “kombucha starter” you mean kombucha tea?
Thank you.

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