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Featured Video: How to Make Classic Dill Pickles

Love pickles? Us too. Erica shows you how to turn fresh kirby cucumbers into Classic Dill Pickles at home. This method of pickling uses natural fermentation, and it's how you make classic half sour, full sour and other totally delicious deli-style pickles.

Make your own Classic Dill Pickles with our new Lacto-Pickle Kit.

About Us


Before FarmSteady, we started Brooklyn Brew Shop to help people make beer. But before we started brewing, we were making pasta, cheese, ice cream and pretty much anything else we could in the kitchen. Whenever we ate at a restaurant and noticed the word “housemade” on a menu as in housemade ricotta or housemade pickles, we’d say to each other: “Let’s make that in our house… or at least our apartment.”

So much of what tastes great doesn’t need a lot of equipment, space or even a ton of practice. With high quality ingredients and some knowledge, the possibilities for what you can make from scratch are nearly endless. Whether we’re recreating traditional methods or developing new ones, our goal is always to make something that tastes as good (if not better) than what we can buy in a store or order at a restaurant.

We want to help you understand what it is you’re eating, how it’s grown, how it’s cooked and how you can truly make it your own.

Erica & Stephen, Founders of FarmSteady & Brooklyn Brew Shop