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Easy-to-Use Kits for Making All Things Homemade

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Embrace the Heat

If you love hot sauce, try making your own.

Fermented hot sauce is unbelievable. Using any peppers or spices that inspire you, it's easy to create a homemade hot sauce that is totally personal, full of complex flavors, and tastes as hot as you want. Plus, it beats anything storebought.

Shop – Hot Sauce Kit

Seriously... Doughnuts

Apple Cider, Classic Glazed, Lemon Lavender, Chocolate Glazed & Gingerbread.

Making doughnuts at home is just about the most fun you can have in the kitchen. And that's before you even get to eat them.

Shop – Doughnut Kits

Veggies Beyond Belief

Fermentation transforms simple ingredients into something amazing. Pick up a Fermented Vegetable Kit, and get inspired by one of the recipes in our Field Guide–like these super-tasty Fermented Cherry Tomatoes.

Shop – Fermented Veg Kit

FarmSteady is on a mission to help you make something tasty. Food you forgot could even be homemade. Food that's fun to make & made to enjoy.

Recipes From Our Field Guide