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Mouse Melon Seeds

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These tiny heirloom fruits look like miniature (dare we say, mouse-sized?) watermelons on the outside and cucumbers on the inside, possibly the most iconic and adorable duo of all time. Mouse melons can be enjoyed right off the vine—no peeling necessary—and taste like a cucumber with an additional tart citrusy kick.  

Native to Mexico (the fruits are also known as Cucamelon and Mexican Sour Gherkins), this climbing plant will produce for much longer than standard cucumber varieties.  

  • Heirloom and non-GMO seeds 
  • Needs very warm soil to germinate, start indoors or wait until mid-June to direct sow 
  • Matures in 67 days 
  • Vines can grow up to 10 feet under the right conditions, give them something to climb 
  • Works well in containers 
  • Pick Cucamelon frequently, the plant will stop producing if they get too large 
  • Perfect for salads, stir-fry, or fermenting into pickles 

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