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Giant Tromboncino Squash Seeds

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These cartoonish curvy trombone-shaped fruits are as fun to look at as they are to eat. Also known as Zucchetta Rampicante (climbing zucchini), this Italian heirloom variety is exceptionally versatile and can be harvested as a summer or winter squash.

Pick it in the summer months while it’s fresh and green and the flavor will be like that of a zucchini, just sweeter. Or leave it on the vine for longer and it will harden into a golden beige, much like a butternut squash in both color and taste. You really can’t go wrong! 

  • Heirloom and non-GMO seeds  
  • Start indoors or plant directly in garden soil after last frost 
  • Needs full sun and does best in warm soil 
  • Matures in 50 days for summer squash and 100 days for winter squash 
  • Can be trained to climb up a trellis for better fruit quality (also saves garden space!) 
  • Sensitive to frost  
  • Enjoy as squash blossoms, a sweeter zucchini alternative, or as a winter squash 

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