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French Breakfast Radish Seeds

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Forget what you heard—not all radishes are round! The French Breakfast variety are oblong and finger-shaped with vibrant deep pink roots that look excellent displayed on a veggie tray or charcuterie board. When consumed raw, the crisp white flesh gives way to a subtly sweet, earthy, peppery flavor. As a fun bonus, you can also enjoy the edible leafy greens on top, perhaps for a spicy take on traditional pesto.  

  • Heirloom and non-GMO seeds 
  • Fast and easy to grow 
  • Matures in 28 days 
  • Plant directly in garden soil in full sun to partial shade 
  • Grows best during cool periods of spring and fall, but can withstand some summer heat 
  • Good for containers  
  • Frost tolerant  

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