Goat Cheese Making Kit

Goat Cheese Making Kit


We love goat cheese. It's tangy, delicious and a staple ingredient in so many of our favorite dishes. Even better? It's surprisingly simple to make. Both Chèvre and Feta can be made in your own kitchen. All you need is some fresh goat milk, kefir or whey and this kit to get started. The equipment is all reusable and we've included enough cheese salt and rennet to get you started on your first 8 batches. 

Included in the Goat Cheese Making Kit:

  • Square Cheese Basket

  • Cheese Thermometer

  • Cheese Cloth

  • Vegetable Rennet

  • Cheese Salt

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Goat cheese is great!

Rolled into the classic log shape, chèvre is simple to make with a flavor that’s complex but easy to love. Without chèvre, a cheese board would not be complete.

Bright & tangy, feta is a highlight of Mediterranean cooking. Whether cubed or crumbled, so many dishes are made better topped with homemade feta.