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Recipe: Fermented Mustard - FarmSteady

Recipe: Fermented Mustard

We love having a fridge packed with fermented condiments, they are easy to make, last quite some time and elevate even the slapdash meals and takeout to something special. We always have homemade fermented ketchup, several varieties of fermented hot sauce, and this fermented mustard on hand.

Making your own mustard is great because you control the heat level, acidity and consistency so that you’re making the perfect mustard for you. And mustard seeds are kind of magic. At the absolutely simplest you could just add water to them and it would become mustard (and fun fact: the colder the water, the spicier the mustard will be). Adding in an acid (in the form of vinegar or a fermented brine) will add a lot of flavor and the acidity helps preserve the mustard heat.

We love using leftover hot sauce brine for a spicier mustard, but you can use kraut brine or whey if you’re looking for something milder. The fermentation is quick, just 2-3 days on the counter and then it’s ready to blend. Whether you want whole grain, half cracked, or silky smooth is totally up to you.

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