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Recipe: Green Tea Kombucha

If you’re new to brewing your own kombucha, a simple Green Tea Kombucha is the best recipe to get you started.

When making homemade kombucha, you can use just about any tea. Black tea, white tea, red tea, pu-ehr tea, herbal tea. They’re all fine to use and will make delicious kombucha. Depending on the tea you choose, the finished kombucha you brew will take on some of its flavors.

So when making Green Tea Kombucha, expect gentle herbaceous and floral notes. It’ll be light in flavor and color and not too over-powering. Homemade Green Tea Kombucha can best be described as pleasant. Not too sharp, it’s really easy drinking.

It also acts as an amazing carrier for all sorts of flavors like herbs or fruit.

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