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Foraging Tool Kit

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Unearth the natural world’s bounty. Whether wildcrafting chanterelles, morels, ramps or chicory, the right tools are essential.

Foraging is tremendous fun. Few things compare to walking into the woods, a nearby park, or a pristine patch of green and collecting your next meal. With that said, not everything you find should be eaten or picked. Please forage responsibly and safely. Identify everything carefully with the help of a book, a good website or an experienced friend and make sure to leave enough behind for animals and future foragers.

Everything you need to get started foraging your own corner of the Earth safely and responsibly

Kit includes:

  • Foraging Knife - Equipped with a rosewood handle, folding blade, and a natural fiber brush.
  • Mesh Bag - Collect mushrooms while leaving their spores behind for years of successful mushroom hunts to come.
  • 2 Canvas Bags - Keep your foraged goods neatly packed on any excursion with durable canvas bags in two handy sizes (6" & 12").
  • Sugaring Spile - Collect maple or birch sap for topping pancakes with your own homemade syrup. 

Try these recipes out when you're back in the kitchen with your bounty!

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