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Recipe: Chili Garlic Fermented Hot Sauce - FarmSteady

Recipe: Chili Garlic Fermented Hot Sauce

Whenever we have a spare moment in the kitchen, you’ll find us experimenting with hot sauce. We love playing with new combinations of chili peppers, additions of fruit and spices, and fermentation times for deliciously spicy results.

We’ve made vibrantly yellow sauces, bottles of slow burning orange mixtures, and earthy green condiments. Our high-heat cravings simply cannot be ignored, so we often swing by the market for the express purpose of checking in on the chili pepper selection. After we fill our bags to the brim with a combination of cayenne, jalapeño, habanero, serrano, fresno and whatever else is available, we head home, put on some gloves and get to work turning our haul into hot sauce.

The beauty of this recipe is that it’s always changing. We’ve tested it on all kinds of different combinations of peppers with super tasty (and hot!) results, so go with what’s freshest at the market and you’ll end up with a hot sauce that’s as unique as it is delicious.

A generous helping of garlic plus tons of diced peppers makes for a super well-rounded sauce that fills your whole palate with heat. It’s punchy with a delicious umami depth that enriches the flavor of your chosen peppers. Make this recipe your hot sauce go-to for a foolproof launching pad for all your high-heat kitchen projects.

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Art Borde - December 7, 2023

Just happened to stumble over your site…I love it! You now have an old man (78) making fermented hot sauce.

Thanks again,


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